Health Impact Assessment in Natural Resource Extraction

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Natural resource extraction projects have considerable potential to positively act on health systems and people's wellbeing in areas where they are implemented. The past has shown, however, that negative impacts on health determinants and health outcomes often prevail. Although as per legal requirement all countries worldwide do conduct environmental impact assessments prior to constructing a large infrastructure project, currently no country in Africa is actively promoting specific health impact assessments. This research project aims at tapping the full potential of impact assessment as a regulatory mechanism to support producer regions in working towards the SDGs in collaboration with natural resource extraction projects.

The project aims at generating evidence on positive and negative associations between natural resource extraction projects and health systems, including economic considerations and health impact indicators. The research results will then be used for facilitating national and international policy dialogue on current regulatory practices in engaging natural resource extraction projects to work towards health-related targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The inter- and trans-disciplinary research project will be carried out in four countries in Africa: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Contact: Fritz Brugger

Partners: Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute; University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ghana; Research Institute of Health Sciences, Burkina Faso (IRSS); Manhiça Health Research Centre, Mozambique; Ifakara Health Institute Tanzania

Funding: Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development






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