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The Chair of Development Economics offers students from ETH Zürich and the University of Zürich Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) theses.

The objective of the thesis is to provide a detailed analysis of a specific research topic within the field of development economics. BA theses typically consist of a literature review and an empirical research on the topic. MA theses contain own empirical research analysis (and sometimes field work).

The thesis topics are listed in the table below. See guidelines (PDF, 140 KB) for further details. 

Topic MA/BA Fieldwork
Determinants of Educational Achievement in Sub-Saharan African countries MA  
Trends in Gender bias in mortality and undernutrition in Africa and Asia MA  
Interactions between fertility and female labor force participation in developing countries MA  
Well-being of Youth with Migration Background in Europe (MA) MA  
What are some possible interventions to improve enrolment in social health protection programs?  MA  
Fair Trade Labelling and Consumption in Switzerland MA  
Inequality of Opportunity in Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (a literature review) BA  
Measurement and development of global economic inequality (a review) BA  
Use of novel measurement technology (e.g. sensors) in social science research BA  
Off grid versus on-grid solutions to address energy poverty BA  

Proposed citation practice (PDF, 89 KB) for theses.

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