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The study programme Science in Perspective (SiP) enables students at ETH Zurich to develop new perspectives on their core subjects’ scientific and technological issues. The following lectures are offered within the field of development economics at the ETH Zurich Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-GESS).

Spring Semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
701-0729-01L Applied Empirical Research  I. Günther,
L. Metzger
751-1500-00L Development Economics   I. Günther
851-0624-00L Seminar for PhD Students: Research for Development (R4D)  I. Günther,
B. Becker

Autumn Semester 2016

Number Unit Lecturer
851-0626-01L International Aid and Development  I. Günther
851-0626-02L PhD Colloquium in Development Economics  I. Günther
860-0006-00L Applied Statistics and Policy Evaluation  I. Günther,
K. Harttgen
865-0003-00L Development Economics  K. Harttgen,
I. Günther
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